Global Lightroom Darktable Custom Darktable version Comment / Alternatives

Open Catalog
Ctrl O n.a. --- Equivalent in DT would be changing the database.
This can be done via a darktablerc change.

modules/import/import folder
Import Photos and Video
Ctrl Shift I Ctrl Shift I Ctrl Shift I

Ctrl Z Ctrl Z Ctrl Z

Ctrl Y Ctrl Y Ctrl Y

Quit Lightroom
Ctrl Q Ctrl Q Ctrl Q

Launch preferences dialog
Ctrl , unbound Ctrl Shift P

Modules / View selections

global/lighttable view
Library Module
G/E/C/N or Ctrl Alt 1 L L alternative Ctrl Alt 1
Or G

global/darkroom view
Develop Module
D or Ctrl Alt 2 D D alternative Ctrl Alt 2

global/map view
Map Module
Ctrl Alt 3 M M alternative Ctrl Alt 3

global/tethering view
Start Tethered Capture
only via menu T T

Book Module
Ctrl Alt 4 n.a. ---

global/print view
Print Module
Ctrl Alt 6 P P

global/slideshow view
Slideshow Module
Ctrl Alt 5 S S

Web Module
Ctrl Alt 7 n.a. ---

global/switch view
n.a. . .

Go Back to Previous Module
Ctrl Alt up arrow n.a. ---

Go Back
Ctrl Alt left arrow n.a. --- switch between Lighttable and Darkroom

Go Forward
Ctrl Alt right arrow n.a. ---


global/toggle header
Show / Hide Module Picker
F5 Ctrl+H F5 shows/hides top bar

global/toggle side borders
Show / Hide All Panels
Shift Tab Tab Tab

Show / Hide Side Panels
Tab n.a. ---

global/toggle focus peaking
n.a. Ctrl Shift F Ctrl Alt F

global/toggle fullscreen
Full Screen
Ctrl Shift F F11 Ctrl Shift F expands/shrinks window to fullscreen
I like F11 better, but for sake of LR compatibility

global/leave fullscreen
Leave Full Screen
Ctrl Shift F Esc --- can be done via toggle

Next Screen Mode
Shift F n.a. ---

Lights Dim
Ctrl Shift L n.a. ---

Next Light Mode
L n.a. ---

Previous Light Mode
Shift L n.a. ---

modues/histogram/hide histogram
n.a. Ctrl Shift H Ctrl Shift H

global/show accels window
Current Module Shortcuts
Ctrl / H F12 shows an overlay window with shortcut informations (hold to display)

views/darkroom/toggle film strip
views/lighttable/toggle filmstrip or timeline
Views/map/toggle film strip
Show / Hide Filmstrip
F6 Ctrl F F6

global/toggle bottom panel
Show / Hide Toolbar
T Ctrl Shift B F9 not exactly the same funtionality

Toggle left panel
Show Left Panels
F7 Ctrl Shift L F7

Toggle right panel
Show Right Panels
F8 Ctrl Shift R F8

global/toggle panels collapsing controls
n.a. B F10

Open/Close All Panels
Ctrl-click on panel header n.a. ---

Toggle Solo Mode
Alt-click on panel header n.a. ---

Open Additional Panel in Solo Mode
Shift-click on panel header n.a. ---

global/zoom in
Zoom In
Ctrl = or + Ctrl + or
Ctrl Mousewh-up
Or Alt 2
Ctrl + Also via Mousewheel-up

global/zoom out
Zoom Out
Ctrl – Ctrl - or
Ctrl Mousewh-down
Or Alt 3
Ctrl - Also via Mousewheel-down

Library / Lighttable Lightroom Darktable Custom Darktable version Comment / Alternatives

View options

modules/lighttable_mode/zoom max
Open in Loupe
E or Enter Alt 1 Enter Alt 1 or F1
modules/lighttable_mode/zoom in
Increase Grid Size
'= or + Alt 2 + Alt 2 or F2
modules/lighttable_mode/zoom out
Decrease Grid Size
Alt 3 - Alt 3 or F3
modules/lighttable_mode/zoom min
Go to Grid view
G Alt 4 G Alt 4 or F4
Zoom In Some
Ctrl Alt = or + n.a. ---

Zoom Out Some
Ctrl Alt – n.a. ---

Toggle Zoom View
Spacebar or Z n.a. ---

Lock Zoom Position
Ctrl Shift = n.a. ---

Show/Hide Extras
Ctrl Shift H n.a. ---

Show/Hide Badges
Ctrl Alt Shift H n.a. ---

Cycle Grid View Style
J n.a. ---

modules/preferences/show overlays
Show Info Overlay
Ctrl I unbound Ctrl Alt I

Cycle Info Display
I n.a. ---

modules/lighttable_mode/toggle culling zoom mode
Go to Compare view
C - C

Switch Select and Candidate
Down arrow n.a. ---

Make next photos Select and Candidate
Up arrow n.a. ---

Swap most-selected/active photo
\ n.a. ---

modules/lighttable/toggle culling
Go to Survey view

modules/lighttable_mode/toggle culling dynamic mode
n.a. Ctrl X Ctrl N

views/lighttable/realign images to grid
n.a. unbound ---

Image preview

n.a. W W

views/lighttable/preview with focus detection
n.a. Ctrl+W Ctrl W

views/lighttable/sticky preview
Full Screen Preview
F Alt+W Alt+W

views/lighttable/sticky preview with focus detection
n.a. Ctrl+Alt+W Ctrl Alt W


views/lighttable/select single image
Select Only Active Photo
Ctrl Shift D Enter Ctrl Shift D

Deselect Active Photo
/ n.a. ---

views/lighttable/select toggle image
n.a. Spacebar Spacebar

modules/select/select all
modules/filmstrip/select all
Select All
Ctrl+A Ctrl A Ctrl A

modules/select/select none
modules/filmstrip/select none
Select None
Ctrl D or Ctrl Shift A Ctrl Shift A Ctrl Shift A

modules/select/invert selection
modules/filmstrip/invert selection
Invert selection
via menus Ctrl I Ctrl I

Select Multiple Contiguous Photos
Shift-click on photos Shift-click on photos Shift-click on photos

Select Multiple Non-Contiguous Photos
Ctrl-click on photos Ctrl-click on photos Ctrl-click on photos

Add previous/next photo to selection
Shift left/right arrow Shift left/right arrow Shift left/right arrow

modules/filmstrip/select untouched
modules/select/select untouched
n.a. unbound ---

Select Flagged Photos
Ctrl Alt A n.a. --- Darktable does not support picks, but only rejects

Deselect Unflagged Photos
Ctrl Alt Shift D n.a. --- Darktable does not support picks, but only rejects

Select Rated/Labeled Photo
Ctrl-click on symbol in Filter bar n.a. --- can be simulated via “modules/filmstrip/select untouched” then “inverse selection”

Previous Selected Photo
Ctrl left arrow n.a. ---

Next Selected Photo
Ctrl right arrow n.a. ---

Collections and Film Rolls

Add to Target Collection B ? --- todo!

Add to Target Collection and Next Shift B ? --- todo!

Show Target Collection / Return to Previous Content Ctrl B ? --- todo!

Save Quick Collection Ctrl Alt B ? --- todo!

Clear Quick Collection Ctrl Shift B ? --- todo!

Set Quick Collection as Target Ctrl Alt Shift B ? --- todo!

New Collection Ctrl N ? --- todo!

New Folder Ctrl Shift N ? --- todo!

Expand all subfolders Alt-click on folder disclosure triangle ? --- todo!

Show in Explorer/Finder Ctrl R ? --- todo!

Rename Photo F2 ? --- todo!

modules/filmstrip/select film roll
modules/select/select film roll
? unbound --- todo!

Image operations

modules/selected image(s)/rotate 90 degrees CCW
Rotate Left (CCW)
Ctrl [ [ Ctrl [

modules/selected image(s)/rotate 90 degrees CW
Rotate Right (CW)
Ctrl ] ] Ctrl ]

modules/selected image(s)/reset rotation
n.a. unbound ---

modules/selected image(s)/group
Group into Stack
Ctrl G Ctrl+G Ctrl G

modules/selected image(s)/ungroup
Ctrl Shift G Ctrl+Shift+G Ctrl Shift G

Collapse/Expand Stack
S unbound Ctrl Alt G

Move to Top of Stack
Shift S n.a. ---

Move Up in Stack
Shift [ n.a. ---

Move Down in Stack
Shift ] n.a. ---

modules/selected image(s)/remove from collection
Remove Photo from Catalog
Alt Backspace Delete Alt Backspace

Painter tool - Enable Painting
Ctrl Alt K n.a. ---

Painter tool – Show Keyword Painter
Hold down Shift n.a. ---

Painter tool – Add Keyword to Painter Tool
Hold Alt Shift and press 0-9 n.a. ---

modules/selected image(s)/copy the image locally
n.a. unbound --- todo!

modules/selected image(s)/create HDR
n.a. unbound ---

modules/selected image(s)/delete from disk or send to trash
Delete selected photo(s)
Backspace or Delete unbound Delete Attention!

modules/selected image(s)/move to other folder
drag and drop in library unbound --- todo!

Metadata / Tags

modules/selected image(s)/copy metadata
Copy Metadata
Ctrl Alt Shift C unbound Ctrl Alt Shift C

modules/selected image(s)/replace metadata
Paste Metadata
Ctrl Alt Shift V unbound Ctrl Alt Shift V metadata is overwritten

modules/selected image(s)/paste metadata
n.a. unbound --- metadata is appended

modules/selected image(s)/clear metadata
modules/metadata editor/clear
n.a. unbound ---

modules/selected image(s)/resync the local copy
Enable Metadata Auto Sync
Ctrl Alt Shift A unbound --- todo!
Not quiet the same functionality

modules/history stack/ write sidecar files
Save Metadata to File
Ctrl S unbound Ctrl S

modules/history stack/ load sidecar files
n.a. unbound ---

modules/selected image(s)/refresh exif
n.a. unbound --- todo!

? Ctrl Shift Alt C --- todo!

? unbound --- todo!

modules/tagging/redo last tag
? Alt T Alt T todo!

Go to Add Keywords field
Ctrl K Ctrl+T Ctrl T Add one tag to selected image

Change Keywords
Ctrl Shift K n.a. --- todo!

Set Keyword Shortcut
Ctrl Alt Shift K n.a. --- todo!

Toggle Keyword Shortcut
Shift K n.a. --- todo!

Next Keyword Set
Alt 0 n.a. --- todo!

Previous Keyword Set
Alt Shift 0 n.a. --- todo!

modules/metadata editor/apply
Apply Keyword
Alt numberpad for 1 9 unbound --- todo!

History / preset style handling

modules/filmstrip/copy history
modules/history stack/copy all
Copy Settings
Ctrl Shift C Ctrl C Ctrl C Copies the development stack of the currently selected image

modules/filmstrip/copy history parts
modules/history stack/copy
n.a. Ctrl Shift C Ctrl Shift C Copies parts of the development stack of the currently selected image

modules/filmstrip/paste history
modules/history stack/paste all
Paste Settings
Ctrl Shift V Ctrl V Ctrl V

modules/filmstrip/paste history parts
modules/history stack/paste
n.a. Ctrl Shift V Ctrl Shift V

Modules/filmstrip/duplicate image
Create virtual copy (not exactly the same)
Ctrl + ‘ Ctrl D Ctrl + ‘ Virtual copy is only available in LR
Duplicates are cloned on disk

modules/filmstrip/discard history
modules/history stack/discard
Right-click/development settings/Reset
only via menu unbound Ctrl Backspace Resets image development
Beware, this action can not be undone!

modules/history stack/compress
modules/history/compress history stack
n.a. unbound ---

modules/history/create style from history
Create a new preset
Ctrl Shift N unbound Ctrl Shift N

Image Picking / Rating

views/lighttable/color red
modules/filmstrip/color red
6 F1 6

views/lighttable/color yellow
modules/filmstrip/color yellow
7 F2 7

views/lighttable/color green
modules/filmstrip/color green
8 F3 8

views/lighttable/color blue
modules/filmstrip/color blue
9 F4 9

views/lighttable/color purple
modules/filmstrip/color purple
only via painter F5 ---

Auto Advance Color labels
Hold Shift while using 6-9 or turn on Caps Lock n.a. ---

views/lighttable/clear color labels
modules/filmstrip/clear color labels
n.a. unbound ---

views/lighttable/rate 0
modules/filmstrip/rate 0
0 Stars
0 0 0

views/lighttable/rate 1
modules/filmstrip/rate 1
1 Stars
1 1 1

views/lighttable/rate 2
modules/filmstrip/rate 2
2 Stars
2 2 2

views/lighttable/rate 3
modules/filmstrip/rate 3
3 Stars
3 3 3

views/lighttable/rate 4
modules/filmstrip/rate 4
4 Stars
4 4 4

views/lighttable/rate 5
modules/filmstrip/rate 5
5 Stars
5 5 5

Decrease Rating
[ n.a. ---

Increase Rating
] n.a. ---

Auto Advance Rating
Hold Shift while using 0-5 or turn on Caps Lock n.a. ---

P n.a. ---

U n.a. ---

Toggle Flag
` n.a. ---

views/lighttable/rate reject
modules/filmstrip/rate reject


modules/image information/jump to film roll
Find photo in the Library module
Ctrl F Ctrl J Ctrl F When images are
sorted by label/tag etc
this brings you to the
Film roll of the selected image

modules/recently used collections/jump back to previous collection
n.a. Ctrl K Ctrl K Go back and forth between two collections

views/lighttable/navigate down
Go to end of Grid view
End Shift G End Jumps to the end of the folder

views/lighttable/navigate page down
Scroll down Grid thumbnails
Page_Down Page_Down Page_Down

views/lighttable/navigate page up
Scroll up Grid thumbnails
Page_Up Page_Up Page_Up

views/lighttable/navigate up
Go to beginning of Grid view
Home G Home Jumps to the start of the folder

views/lighttable/scroll down
Scroll down
Down Down Down also Mousewheel down

views/lighttable/scroll left
Go to previous photo in the Filmstrip
Left Left Left

views/lighttable/scroll right
Go to next photo in the Filmstrip
Right Right Right

views/lighttable/scroll up
Scroll up
Up Up Up also Mousewheel up

Develop / Darkroom Lightroom Darktable Custom Darktable version Comment / Alternatives

views/darkroom/decrease brush hardness
Decrease brush feathering
Shift { { {

views/darkroom/decrease brush opacity
n.a. < <

views/darkroom/decrease brush size
Decrease brush size
[ [ [

views/darkroom/increase brush hardness
Increase brush feathering
Shift ] } }

views/darkroom/increase brush opacity
n.a. > >

views/darkroom/increase brush size
Decrease brush size
] ] ]

views/darkroom/image back
Previous Image
Left Arrow BackSpace CTRL Left Left Arrow would be better … but is somehow not bindable

views/darkroom/image forward
Next Image
Right Arrow Spacebar CTRL Right Right Arrow would be better … but is somehow not bindable

views/darkroom/color assessment
? Ctrl B Ctrl B todo!

views/darkroom/gamut check
n.a. Ctrl G Ctrl G

n.a. O O

views/darkroom/raw overexposed
n.a. Shift O Shift O

n.a. Ctrl S Ctrl S

modules/navigation/hide navigation thumbnail
n.a. Ctrl Shift N Ctrl Shift N

modules/snapshots/take snapshot
n.a. unbound --- Kind of like a virtual copy, but only persistent for the session.
Can be used to compare before and after

views/darkroom/allow to pan & zoom while editing masks
n.a. A A

views/darkroom/search modules
n.a. unbound ---

views/darkroom/zoom close-up
Open in Loupe
Enter or E Alt 1 Enter zooms to
100% and 200%
Alt 1 or F1
views/darkroom/zoom fill
Toggle Zoom View
Spacebar or Z Alt 2 Spacebar zooms to fit
The Small edge
Alt 2 or F2
views/darkroom/zoom fit
n.a. Alt 3 Esc zooms to fit
The long edge
Alt 3 or F3
Export Lightroom Darktable Custom Darktable version Comment / Alternatives

Ctrl Shift E Ctrl E Ctrl Shift E

Darktable 3.0.2 Adobe Lightroom related keybindings by