My recommended list of apps – tools I install on my mum’s android mobile.

Quite similar to the list of software, the purpose of this article is to save me some time. I have realized that every time I resurrect the beloved device of a family member, I install the same list of android apps.

In the future, if a friend or family member needs software advice, I will point them to this article. They get the correct software recommendations, and no more shifty download pages.
I will update the list from time to time.

Feel free to browse for yourself 🙂

My mum uses Android

I have picked the apps by light profile, with sane permission requests. Also, I can recommend the F-Droid app store as an alternative to the google play store. Get it here



  • Yr *playstore

PDF viewer



Podcast client

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  1. Andrei says: Reply

    Not at all important of course:
    On the software list: s/build in/built-in

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