My Name is Mathias Hüber. I am 38 years old, father of two, and work as a Software Engineer in Hamburg, Germany.

I use my personal blog to create guides with a focus on open-source software solutions for problems that should not exist in the first place.

As every 101 blogging guide will tell you, the most important thing of a successful blog is: “Find a topic and build around it!“. When I started my blogging adventure in 2017, I was very much without a main topic.

Until I realized that I am spending way too much time researching solutions for, what I call, the convenience – data-privacy issue.

It seems, that in a more and more connected world, the tension field between convenience, user experience, data-privacy and user control are the keys to bind users to your services.

Paired with good old “If the product is for free, you are the product”, I am increasingly critical of the concept.

I do understand that not everybody has this “problem”, or is willing to jump as many hoops. On the other hand, as you are visiting my page and reading my guides, chances are good you do as well.

It turns out, that I wanted to create a place where people can find information, helpful and complete guides for complex solutions, related to getting back control over their data while still be able to participate in the digital world.

I hope this makes sense 🙂

Since then, I started to play around not only with content, but blogging as a whole: search engine optimization, hosting, advertisement, analytics, security, page speed, you name it.

Although fun to play with, and very important for content creators in order to earn money, I felt the strong hypocrisy in putting google-ads on my website. Even though I try to minimize the user spying, data collecting part of the equation to a minimum. The next logical step was to abandon ads altogether.

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Thank you for joining me.

Cheers, M.