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  1. The one thing that wasn’t clear was what your actual workflow is with regards to programs. Do you use DigiKam or Darktable or both? AFAIK both employ file based organization, but DT probably can do stuff like smart collections as well? I am thinking of leaving Lightrrom as well, so really pondering what to do. From what I have been reading, DT isn’t that good at photo editing, but I was thinking of using RawTherapee for the actual editing and DK or DT for the organization.

    I have close to 100K images, and I hate LR’s slow performance. How do you think it compares to DT or DK with regards to previewing and such?

    1. Mathias Hueber says: Reply

      You are right, I am currently working on the new workflow. The plan is to use DT and DK together. DK for DAM, DT for raw-editing. I have read that a problem with DT is the performance with huge libraries. Therefore I ll try to use DK for this.

  2. J-luc says: Reply

    Thank you for this very interesting article.
    Howerver i noticed that the tags between darktable and Digikam doesn’t work so much.
    The issue occurs when you delete a tag in Digikam.
    The deleted tag is known in darktable’s database so when you close DKT, the tag is re-exported in the xmp, and is imported in digikam when I re-open Digikam.
    thus, i can’t delete a tag in Digikam. Perhaps, I missed something…


    1. Mathias Hueber says: Reply

      Good point. I have to investigate a bit further, unfortunately haven’t had enough time in the last weeks.

  3. Graham Byrnes says: Reply

    Big frustration for me is that versions of the images edited in darktable are not seen in DK, I see only the original image… or am I doing something wrong?
    In particular I transform most of my photos into B&W, but in DK the thumbnails are still in colour. Maybe there is a way of persuading darktable to write a thumbnail of the edited image so that it can be read by DK… but this seems unlikely if the raw file is left unmodified, and DK is unable to interpret much of the editing commands in the xmp 🙁

    1. Mathias Hueber says: Reply

      I think you are right. There is no way on updating the previews integrated in raw file by DT. At least I do not know any. I do not have the problem due to my workflow. I will post my workflow soon. You can also have a look in the other lightroom article.

  4. Thanks a lot for this article. I use boh DartkTable and DigiKam
    I don’t understand something/ What I have to do in Darktable when you write “Open Darktable – it will prompt that sidecar files have been edited -> mark the files in question, and choose reread sidecar.”

    And I have the same problem as other users : how to use the jpg embedded created by DT to DK… But it seems to be a big issue.

    All the best

  5. I appreciate that you’re working on this.

    I’d like to have Linux options (I have a dedicated Linux desktop), but even Mac-based alternatives to the Adobe hegemony are appreciated. I’m trying to get used to Darktable (runs on Mac too…), but there’s a serious gap for anyone doing controlled lighting in a studio. If I’ve got 50 images, shot under one lighting setup, I should be able to quickly white-balance and expose all 50 as a group (not individually as a batch of files, for example)

    I have to apply my settings as a style. There’s also no way to dive into those 50 images, think “wow, the color balance is too (whatever) here”, and go back and re-adjust all 50. This kind of thing has been complete cake in Adobe Camera Raw since jump.

    Is there something out there in the open-source world that allows dealing with groups of DNG images as easily as ACR does?

    1. HolosPhoto says: Reply

      Well I need exactly same answer…

  6. Jorge says: Reply

    Thanks for your findings, Mathias. I am too working on ditching LightRoom and I think a combination of digiKam an Luminar could work. In my case I used tags intensively on LightRoom (with Smart Collections) and I am trying to find a similar implementation for digiKam

  7. Bowanter says: Reply

    You’re really doing a great job with your articles!!! Clearly and precisely written, it is really helpful allthough the 100% solution still seems to be out of reach. As I am in exactly the same situation, I’d be happy to read more about your experiences.

    Keep up the good work!

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