My standard list of software – tools I install on my mom’s computer.

The purpose of this article is to save me some time. I have realized that every time I resurrect the beloved machine of a family member, I have a go-to standard list of software which changes only slightly over time.

In the future, if a friend or family member needs a software advice, I will point them to this article. They get the correct software recommendations, and no more dodgy download pages.

I will update the list from time to time.

Feel free to browse for yourself 🙂

Software on my mom’s Windows 10 device

Remote support

  • TeamViewer *must have for every family member – a real live saver!

Video player

Music player

Image viewer

  • Irfan view *for not commercial use
  • otherwise windows built-in

Image editor

PDF viewer:

Office suite

Markdown Editor

  • Marktext *open source
  • Typora *schon geil, aber leider nicht open-source

Packaging tool

Text editor

Anti-virus software

  • use the built-in Windows Defender
  • otherwise nothing *everything else is worse then a virus. To long to rant… 


Email Client

Password manager

  • Keepass *even my wife says it is not that bad to use one. 


File Size calculator

FTP Clients

  • Filezilla *usually no family member knows what to do with this

Software on my mom’s Android device

I have picked the apps by light profile, with sane permission requests. 

Also, I can recommend the F-Droid app store as an alternative to the google play store. Get it here



Instant Messenger

  • Signal *playstore – Free and very secure instant messenger
  • Telegram *f-droid – free, secure and open source instant messenger
  • Telegram *playstore
  • Threema – secure instant messenger
  • Threema *playstore
  • Briar *f-droid– Free, open-source, secure and anonymous instant messenger. If the internet’s down, Briar can sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Briar *playstore

Video telephony client

Password manager


  • Yr *playstore

PDF viewer


Email Client

Podcast Client

Calender and Contact sync (CalDav, CardDav)

Update: I have added an Android section to this article

4 comments on “My standard list of software – tools I install on my mom’s computer.”

  1. Andrei

    Thanks for the list, I haven’t heard about Krita before.
    I used to install Picasa too… thanks Google 🙁

    I find somewhat better than VLC.

    Just to be on the safe side in case I connect with TeamViewer I usually install Far Manager (I also don’t need FileZilla then) and Process Explorer.

    One more useless comment: s/real live saver!/real lifesaver/

    1. Mathias Hueber

      Glad the list is helpful. I’ll check out your recommendations – thank you! Also, thank you very much for the corrections 🙂

  2. Al

    “that every time I resurrect the beloved machine of a family member”
    bwahahaha! I can relate!

    – Was grinning while read through the list, FFox – VLC – foobar2k – SumatraPDF – LibreOffice – 7-Zip – Notepad++
    These are the exact same SW that I install for my relatives too

    – the only SW I always add is TotalCommander. Couldn’t live without it. Strange that it holds strong in Eastern Europe [personal observation! don’t have stats], but seemingly lost its popularity in the West

    Anyway, kudos, great blog!

    1. Mathias Hueber

      Thanks mate 🙂 I never really connected with TC, but I know it has a lot of disciples.


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