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  1. Pascal says: Reply

    Do the post-treatement values written by Lr fit correctly in Dartakble ? In other words, this means Darktable translates correctly Lr values in is own referential of value ?

  2. Graham Byrnes says: Reply

    A liitle side discovery: if you use a camera that writes directly in DNG (eg Pentax or Leica), LR will not write sidecars. It writes the information inside the DNG file…

    To get it out, you can use exiftool to batch-process your DNG files and write xmp sidecars… in principle. I had a few issues due to some security features in W10 when I tried running big batch jobs, but the solution likely lies in that direction.

    1. Iván says: Reply

      Hello, I’m thinking to migrate but I have a lightroom folder structure (year/month/day) and the most of my files are DNG. How could make a batch to get the xmp sidecar files?

      Thank in advance.

      1. Mathias Hueber says: Reply

        I don’t see why this shouldn’t work. If Lightroom creates the sidecar files Darktable will import them. The folder structure should work. Make a test run with only a test picture compilation.

  3. Tony Hamilton says: Reply

    For me, this is a most valuable document in what is going to be a major challenge. I’m not going to start this migration (which is surely one way only ?) until I am a confident in my use of Darktable as I am in my use of Lightroom. This will take a few months yet. I am concerned that things change so rapidly on the web that I will not be able to find this page again when I need it. Could you possibly make it available as a downloadable PDF, or similar? Or is there some other way I can keep a local copy ?

  4. What about the edits to the photos themselves? Color corrections, exposure adjustments, healing brush areas, over and underexposed areas etc. Can all those be migrated to darkroom?

    1. Mathias Hueber says: Reply

      No, none of those. Also, you don’t want it to be transferred, as Darktable simply works different. My workflow solves this problem for me, as I export the final edited image to png/jpeg and import those side by side with the (then untouched) original.

  5. Tim says: Reply

    Hi and thanks for this very useful article !
    Like you, I am switching from Lightroom to Darktable x Digikam. But I have still one question unanswered : can you have a double way to organise your pictures like in Lightroom with folders and collections ? Is it possible to do that in Darktable (I am not sure) or in Digikam ?
    Thanks for your help !

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